Garbage – Queer

Another great music video suggested by one of our readers. Thank you, Sean C.!

“Queer” was released by Gargbage on their fist album in 1995, instantly becoming highly successful and critically acclaimed. In the same year, the song was accompanied by the band’s second ever music video:

“The music video for “Queer”  was directed by Stéphane Sednaoui for Propaganda Films and filmed in July 1995 in Los Angeles. Sedanoui’s video concept developed from his own personal experience of being “shredded into pieces” by a beautiful woman. 

The black and white storyline of the video saw a young male’s first person perspective of exiting an elevator onto a Los Angeles street and meeting Manson. She coyly entices him to follow her to her home where the men from Garbage are waiting. They detain him inside, forcing him up onto the second-level of the house, where Manson throws him to the floor, strips him of his clothing and blinds him with gaffer tape. He recovers to find Manson shaving his head, before she drags him outside by his legs. He is then seen strangely happy, and in full colour, leaving the street” – Wikipedia

Looking for filming locations for this low resolution black-and-white video was quite tough, but we got all but one!

The first hint was a partially visible sign on 0:15, saying “Han… Cakes”, which turned out to be Hanson’s Cakes. Luckily, it is still in business and at the same spot. Note the gable, skyscraper in the background, street light position.

Following the plot, the man walks out of the elevator onto the street (across the street from the previous freeze frame). In the scene you see this part of the pavement, between the tree (did not grow that much in over 20 years) and the tall lamp post. Note the sign and the building in the background as well.

Shirley Manson appears standing across the road from that same building you saw in the first freeze frame. You have seen that it has changed a lot, but in the Street View image from 2007 the sign (circled in red) is still there.

Another hint: the bridge. Since the number of bridges in Los Angeles is finite and that they are easily searchable on the map, this location was not hard to find:

This one is a lucky find. A part of the music video takes place on one of the streets next to the previous location. Note the distinctive patterns on the wall to the left from Shirley – large lighter bricks, small darker bricks, metal bars, etc. See how it looks on the Street View:

The building behind Duke Erikson and Butch Vig:


More than half of the video is set around/in this house. Unfortunately, its location could not be determined. There are no hints on where it could be apart from the lamp post. Those, however, can be found in multiple districts of LA, including Pasadena, Toluca Lake and Central LA.

Let us know if you have an idea of where it is!



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