Salvador Dalí – Port Alguer (1923)

This is That Spot’s first post regarding the location of an artwork, and it will be Salvador Dalí‘s “Port Alguer”. The painting depicts Cadaqués, a coastal town in Catalonia, in the outskirts of which Dalí later lived and worked for the most time from 1930 to 1982.  

A painting produced in the open air, it is a structuralist vision of Cadaqués. The sea and its reflections are formed by a series of impressionist brushstrokes. The two feminine figures are two women of Cadaqués with the typical green water jug on their heads. This mixture of styles shows us the work of an artist in the middle of the process of experimentation and the search for creative resources


Dalí apparently wasn´t very much preoccupied with all the details, so do not look for too many exact similarities. Still, some interesting features can be found, like the cathedral windows or that arched pathway. My favorite one is a little white balcony in the middle left side of the picture, right above the arch. Zoom in to spot it on Street View. Must be really cool to have your balcony painted by Dalí, don´t you think?

Here is also an old photo of this place. Hard to tell which year it is from, but it may help you find more similarities with the painting.

 (Image was taken from  HERE )

(Image was taken from HERE )


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