Deftones – 7 Words

7 Words is The Deftones‘ first music video from their debut 1995 album Adrenaline, shot in the same year. Here’s what Abe Cunningham, the band’s drummer, told about shooting the video in one of the interviews:


“They came and shot (‘7 Words’) for 12 grand. It was supposed to be our electronic press kit. It turned out pretty good, so we used it as a video. (It was filmed) at the Cattle Club and all around town. It was a Sacto thing; it was cool.”


Surroundings of the mentioned Cattle Club do not appear in the video, but “all around town” included one interesting location.

Several times throughout the video you can see band members posing in front of a seemingly abandoned factory-like building with Globe Mills sign on it. Because of the sign and, knowing that the band is originally from Sacramento, it was quite easy to locate the spot:

What at first looked like a random old building turned out to have quite a lot of history behind it:


“The Phoenix Milling Company opened what became known as the Globe Mills in 1913. The flourmill was one of the area’s most successful enterprises. By locating near the railroad, it was easy to ship long distances and the mill supplied markets throughout California and Nevada.”


The Mills continued production of feed and flour until 1968 when Pillsbury closed their entire operation. For the next 40 years is was basically vacant. In 2008 it was redeveloped into an apartment complex and is currently known as The Lofts at Global Mills. As you can see in Google Street View, even the Globe Mills sign is still there. The building is situated in Alkali Flat neighbourhood, at the intersection of 12th and C-streets.


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