Charade (1963)

Charade‘s abundance of street action gives a great opportunity to see what Paris looked like in the early 60s. For example, one of the film’s most memorable scenes, when Reggie (Audrey Hepburn) and Peter (Cary Grant) are strolling along Siene at Quai de Montebello next to Notre Dame.

While one can effortlessly identify such famous place on their own, there are some less evident locations that required a little digging.

The first point on the map is Reggie’s home at 5 Avenue Velasquez. The door Reggie is walking to is panited black now, but it is still the same door (pay attention to the polished knobs and the lamp above). House number is now to the upper left side of the door. Even the pavement looks like the one you see in the movie.

The second location is 24 Rue Censier. Cary Grant’s character is walking out of the fictional Hotel Saint Jaques while Audry Hepburn is spying on him. The resemblence may noot seem striking at first but pay attention to the details. The door and the rails on the window remained the same. If you look closer at the second image, you will see that chips on the corners of the wall by the door remained there to this day, adding just a little more charm to this location. Apart from that, the building looks way crappier that before. Nice spot, still.

Peter walks on towards Rue Monge. Café Le Cencier seen in the left part of the frame was at some point either renamed to or occupied by Le Café Parisien.

Third location appears closer to the end of the movie. Le Berkeley, a hotel, bar and restaurant at the intersection of Avenue Matignon with Rue de Ponthieu, that takes its origins in the 1920s, remained where it was since 1920, like many things in Paris.

Some more nice locations from Charade were beyond the reach of Google Street View. But those mentioned above could make Reggie’s and Peter’s adventures feel more real to you. And if you haven’t seen the movie, you should. It’s lovely.


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