Placebo – Song To Say Goodbye

In today’s post, THAT SPOT brings you locations from Placebo‘s “Song to Say Goodbye” music video. “Song to Say Goodbye” was the second single from “Meds” album released in 2006. The music video does not feature band members and takes a more cinematic approach:

“The original video portrays a mentally challenged father while his son (played by Field Cate) is trying to cope with his dad’s condition. It could also be interpreted as a role-reversal between father and son. The video is written and directed by Philippe André.” – Wikipedia

Whie the original video is 4 minutes long, a short movie version is also there, available on YouTube in much better quality. This 8-minute video provides tons of outdoor locations for searching and is just great to watch as a separate artwork.

As mentioned in the end credits (and as it also looks like), the video was filmed in Los Angeles. There are several key areas in the city where the characters appear. To make it simpler, the still frames are ordered by location, not the sequence they appear in.

First location is East 7th Street. The boy and his father are crossing Mateo Street at the intersection with 7th Street:

East 7th Street, to the left from the previous one:

The payphone, same street. The place looks way more terrible now:

Fire hydrant, 7th street sign in the background:

The next one is a lucky find. If it wasn’t around the corner from the previous frame, it would be nearly impossible to locate:

A large part of the video was filmed in Downtown LA. This one is at the corner of West 6th and South Spring streets:

Same intersection but from a different angle. The guys are standing right on this corner (just where those dogs are in the Street View). Note the Spring street sign and the balcony in the background.

Same intersection again, under the balcony:

Intersection of 6th and Spring streets. It hard to find, as this corner has changed a lot. If you switch Google Street View to June 2007, you will see the same DJ Stereoline store from the video. It’s Starbucks now.

Broadway Centro De Oro sign on South Broadway. Still there:

Several times throughout the video you can see a house with number 5102, where the boy and his father live. After checking nearly two hundred streets that had a house with such number, it was eventually found in Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Street View is from 2012, as now there is a concrete fence around the house making this place look way too different. Pay attention to the little details circled in red in the second picture: the white fence to the right, arched vents and that cool crack on the curb:

Last location of this post, the 6th Street Viaduct. Considered to be one of LA landmarks, it is featured in an impressive list of movies and music videos. As you can see, “Song To Say Goodbye” should be added the list, as well as the previously featured music video for Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You”. Check it out.


Another important location in the video, the house (supposedly, a sort of clinic) the boy takes his father to, could not be found. Besides, it is unlikely that Street View would reach this location somewhere in the woods. But in case you have an idea where it may be, give us a hint!

If you liked the video, here is an article from Promo Magazine touching upon a more cinematografic side of the music video.

That’s all for now. More locations coming soon!



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