Depeche Mode – Cover Me

In September, the legendary Depeche Mode released a music video for “Cover Me” from the band’s 14th studio album, “Spirit”.  Here is how the video is described by Rolling Stone:

“Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan drifts through outer space and Los Angeles streets, finding them equally unsettling, in the band’s black-and-white “Cover Me” video. Dutch filmmaker Anton Corbijn, the group’s longtime visual collaborator, follows the astronaut singer on a solitary journey, culminating in a beach scene in which a defeated-looking Gahan approaches the waves.”

Approximately a half of the video is set on the streets of the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles (with another half showing Dave Gahan floating in space). It starts at the intesection of Pacific Avenue and South Venice Blvd:

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The “Pacific Av” sign was a great help:

Road signs “26th Pl” (upper left corner) and “27th Av” (to the right from Gahan) lead us to the nex location. Note the garbage container and an arrow that Dave stands on. See those on the Street View?

“No parking” signs on the right:

The tree on the left side and the post box in the bottom right corner:

The bench between the two palm trees was likely a prop

Here are some great behind the scenes photos from the band’s official Facebook group: