HAIM – Want You Back

Haim sisters shared the first music video from their upcoming album “Something to Tell You”, scheduled for release on July 7th.  “Want You Back” was already named the best new track by Pitchfork and drummed up interest for the long-awaited new album.

The one-shot music video, set in Haim’s home neighborhood of San Fernando Valley, was perfect for THAT SPOT to start sleuthing for the filming locations. Luckily,  it was not a hard task as several road signs gave it right away.

“Want You Back” was filmed on a short segment of Ventura Boulevald, with Danielle standing by the Cadillac store, meeting Este and Alana and walking towards the intersection with Van Nuys Blvd. Here is how it looks:

Points on the map correspond to the following five still frames:

Stay tuned and check out other locations we covered!