Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street

Shout out to Ursula, who sent us this lovely message:

“Hey there! Thank you for your huge work over this blog. I love it and will surely hunt for some locations. But so far I was trying to be detective on my own 🙂 I’m dying to know where “Jubilee Street” by Nick Cave was shot …
Have a great one :)”

Thanks to you for following and here you go! With a little help from Reddit, all the locations for this amazing video were found.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds recorded Jubilee Street in 2013 as a second single from their Push The Sky Away album. The music video, directed by John Hillcoat and featuring Ray Winstone, was released the same year. Here are a few words about the song from Nick Cave’s interview to the Wondering Sound:

“There is a real Jubilee Street in Brighton. Was it the inspiration, or maybe the backdrop, for what unfolds in either song?

Cave: To be honest, I thought Jubilee Street was a different street! [laughs] I got it wrong. And then I found out that Jubilee Street was the street with Carluccio’s and the library, and it didn’t really match the street that I was trying to conjure up. So it’s a Jubilee Street of the imagination, shall we say, and obviously the street that this guy’s walking up, with this sorry whatever-she-is, working girl…All I can say is, don’t go down to that Jubilee Street to find any action like that, [laughs] you’re going to be very disappointed!”

A few online sources mentioned that the video was shot in London’s East End, and that was it. Luckily, one member of the Reddit community, who has long lived in this neighbourhood, shared the exact location. All the scenes were shot around Brick Lane in East London.

The music video begins with Nick Cave walking down the imaginary Jubilee Street. Here, at 38 Osborn St, lives the girl named Bee.

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A short part of the video shows Nick Cave walking on Puma Court, a small pedestrian street not accessible to Google Street View. Here is the best view of it:

Later, Cave walks on Princelet Street (note the three square windows on the right-hand side):

Same Princelet Street. See the shutters in the right part of the freeze frame (circled in red).

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That is it! One more location discovered. Thanks again to Ursula for bringing this up. Great song, great video. If you want to share your suggestions for the next location, you can do it here. Don’t go down to Jubilee Street, but feel free to wander around Brick Lane!