Avril Lavigne – I’m With You

Before Avril Lavigne went all pop crazy, she has done some decent stuff. In this post, That Spot looks into the location for “I’m With You” music video, her second one after “Complicated”, both songs featuring on Avril’s debut 2002 album “Let Go”.

Despite the general dark and cold feeling the video gives, Wikipedia says it was filmed in sunny warm Los Angeles:

“The single’s music video, directed by renowned photographer David LaChapelle, involves Lavigne, who is seen alone, trying to find someone. Showing her originally at a party, the video also sees Lavigne pushing a guy when he tries to get with her. Most of the video is shown in slow motion but Lavigne’s mouth movements are in sync with the song’s vocals. This was achieved by recording the footage while the song was played twice as fast. […] At the end of the video, Lavigne walks out of the club with her coat on, kicks out the door and walks away. Much Music named the video one of the “Top 100 Best Videos of All Time”.It was at least partly filmed in Los Angeles. The street shots were filmed on Broadway, and the Orpheum Theatre is seen.”

And Wikipedia does not lie so often. One of the first recognizable outdoor locations, where this dude is meaningfully drumming on his leg, is 831 South Broadway in LA. He is leaning against that wall where a little red arrow sign is at, by the same yellow rail you see in the first freeze-frame. Also note the traffic light post, the bench and fire hydrant. All is seen in the Street View. If you switch to the second image, you will see a two four-letter-words sign in the top right corner. Try to look across the street in Street View to spot it.

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There is another dude sitting on the same bench seen in the previous pic, absolutely casually playing his guitar at night (who doesn’t, right?). The Orpheum Theater logo is seen in the background, alongside another fire hydrant. Check the Street View to make sure all is in place. The Broadway Bar apparently was not yet there in 2002.

Several times in the video you can see Avril walking in the middle of the street. All the shots were filmed on a very narrow part of South Broadway, basically in the same place as the two previous ones. In the top right corner you can again see the same blue two four-letter-words sign that was mentioned earlier, and the one you were probably lazy to look for. It says “Auto Park” and remains where it was.

And the last location is the 6th Street Bridge, where you see Avril Lavigne standing before the piles and piles of snow. Interestingly enough, the lowest average monthly temperature in Los Angeles is 13°C (55°F), which sadly makes the snow fake.

The broken wooden road sign that you see in the video is gone now, but it is still there in Street View from 2008:

Two other outdoor locations from the video were impossible to find online or on maps, like the one where another band member is playing the fashionably unplugged electric gruitar, or the alley in the beginning of the video when Avril is saying “I’m standing on the bridge” (while she’s obviously not). Also, the whereabouts of the club remains a mystery. So, if you have any ideas, share your thoughts on this, we will be happy to include them in this post.