Radiohead – Just

So Radiohead released their new album, which is always big news. To celebrate the amazing “Moon Shaped Pool” record, the next filming location on That Spot will be for one of the Radiohead’s music videos. The choice fell on the band’s 1995 video for a song called “Just”, one of Radiohead’s best known tracks from the early years.

Once again, Wikipedia appears to be a great starting point to look for the approximate filming location:

“The single’s video was directed by Jamie Thraves, who was hand-picked by the band after they saw several of his experimental short films. It was shot near Liverpool Street Station in London, and intersperses footage of Radiohead playing the song inside an apartment with scenes of a middle-aged man and police enforcement officer”

After some wandering around in Google Street View I found two main locations from this video. The first one is in the 45th second, when the man is crossing Primrose Street in Central London. Street View is giving a very vague similarity to the freeze-frame: the building in the left looks remodeled, there’s a skyscraper behind it and the horizon does not look much the same. What helped to identify this spot were the two buildings from the second pic’s top right corner.

The man later appears in Eldon Street, where all the rest of the street scenes were filmed. Just look around from different angles and compare what you see to the pictured from the video. One thing to pay attention to is the metro sign (third freeze-frame). The post with the sign is clearly seen in Street View.

It’s a fun video with a sort of a riddle in it. The man refuses to explain why the hell he is lying on the ground and when he finally gives up and tells his reason, subtitles stop, leaving what he said unknown. Gavin Edwards, the Rolling Stone writer, mentions the video in his book:

“The band remains resolutely silent on the issue; Jamie Thraves, the director of the clip, has said, “To tell you would deaden the impact, and probably make you want to lie down in the road, too.” You want a real mystery? Why does the crowd on a British street include an American police officer?”

As you see, some things have changed since 1995, some did not. But in a word, Everything is in its Right Place (pun intended).



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